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How To Spot A Steroid User

The negative lethal effects associated with anabolic steroids could cause within the body of a human being a tremendous devastation. These steroids range from such minor cases as an oily skin or acne to major health complications over a long time, and eventually, a potential death. However, steroids contain various cases of known side effects as well as changes that are experienced through the mental faculty and the body of an abuser. The myriad of changes are categorized as one of those internal changes which include high blood pressure, private and personal changes such as testicular atrophy, which is signified by shrinking of ones testicles as well as the more noticeable external transformations, such as severe cases of acne or even an increase in levels of aggression.

Should a parent begin to suspect ones child, friend or sibling of the usage of anabolic steroids, it is easier to begin looking out for those varieties of observable short term effects which occur as symptoms. Such symptoms include clear transition in terms of appearance, behavior, and mood.

Firstly, you check that unusual greasy hair and/or an oily skin, which comes with some stretch marks around the area of ones inner joints. In addition, other tell-tale signs to look for include, small purple or red acne, which includes breakouts around the shoulders, gynecomastia, that abnormal development of excessive breast issue which affects males, a persistent acrid bad breath, hair loss in the shower, bed, comb or even on a brush, jaundice on the skin which is a clear sign of liver damage, dizziness, nausea, trembling or even vomiting, a rapid and progressive gain in weight, a disruption of ones sleep patterns which could be sleeping less or more, changes in fluid levels, bloating and excessive night sweating, pain around the joints with a huge injuring chance of ones tendons and muscles, hyperactivity and lethargy, trouble with urination or a discoloration of ones blood within the urine hue and serious eruptions on the skin and infections.

In terms of personality and psychological observations, there are signs which one can attest as cases of steroid abuse or usage. They include such cases as extreme swing and changes in mood, an increase in aggression and irritability, making poor decisions which art from clear feelings of general invincibility, withdrawals from members of the family, depressions and hallucinations or seeing and hearing images and voices that are none existent and paranoia, or the extreme feeling of fear and mistrust.

Other signs to check come from the social changes that are bound to happen once a person begin using steroids. These changes include such issues as losing focus, or a sense of direction at home school or work place, closing the bedroom door so much, privatizing phone conversations excessively, taking so much time in showers where at this time the individual is injecting himself with the steroid in the privacy of a bathroom or shower room, and the unmistakable one is where the person in question begins receiving huge and constant packages so much; this should raise your biological alarm immediately.

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