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A Look At The Long Term Effects Of Steroids Use

Since steroids started being used, it is only recently that their long term effects were able to be discerned and analyzed. With each passing year, these effects are being studied as more and more abusers join the tally of those within their usage, as the problems are presented before the steroid medical researchers.

HIV is one of those diseases that many steroidal analysts have ignored, while its effects and lethal potential is of a tremendous result. This is one of the most dangerous side effects gracing the steroid world. Sharing intravenous needles with a combination of boiling sex drive, coupled with a libido over reaction, is literally one of the most dangerous of combinations. In adolescents, this fact is clear like the mid-day sun, since they make that part of the society which has a very weak trend in the making of decisions with a huge susceptibility to the dealings of peer pressure.

HIV as well as its alter-ego, AIDS, have related deaths which are generally rising as the epidemic happens not be such a popular one within the media, just as in the decades past. In fact, most people have adopted the attitude which suggests that they have a false belief that the effects of the syndrome does not touch them, while many abusers of steroids do not act as if they consider it as a concern or cause for worry.

Another long-term lethal effect of steroid usage is the case of liver failure. Peliosis Hepatitis, which is a condition in which cysts full of blood replace the spleen and the liver tissues, is a disease that has been reported among patients who have received treatments of the long term worries caused by anabolic steroids. These blood cysts have more than ever before been associated squarely with cases of liver failure. A discontinuation of the uses of anabolic steroids has clearly depicted a regressive as well as a case where the cyst is disappearing in totality, but during steroidal usage, the blood cyst easily creates a tumor. These specific tumors have a trait of being less evident, where they can lie silent till that life-threatening case of abdominal hemorrhage comes calling.

In cardiovascular problems associated with steroid usage, the seriousness of these substances of abuse is clearly obtrusive. In the levels of cholesterol being high within the blood, there is a danger where the heart could be under premature conditions, which include stroke and heart attacks. In addition, an increase in the mass of the muscles is able to put such undue strains within a body which has not been customized or prepared for serious muscle development. The human heart is then out in the limelight of more pressure in the providence of blood for even more tissues, while at the same processing such vast levels of the characteristic bad cholesterol.

Stunted growth is another case of steroidal abuse depicted over a long length of time. For instance, adolescents who have not completed their growth and start steroidal usage could be rendered stunted for the rest of their lives.

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