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You Can Teach Yourself To Control Your Dreams

The method is called “lucid dreaming,” which means that you’re aware of the fact that you’re dreaming. That way you have the freedom to choose how your dreams go. In most cases people turn nightmares into good dreams or fly.

You can control your dreams using the lucid dreaming methods that follow.


  • Try to sleep in a quiet area with no distractions whatsoever.
  • Play music associated with your dream quietly. (not loud or you might not sleep)
  • Label everything!(especially if you have a bad memory)
  • Remember fine details, as they are important.
  • Read your dream journal often.
  • Try having a symbol on your ceiling or near your bed that you can easily access. Stare at it for a few minutes before you go to sleep, and stare at it for a few minutes when you wake up. This can help you remember your dreams better/more often.
  • If this happens when you remember your dreams, you may lucid dream.
  • An easy way to realize that you are dreaming is to (before you go to bed) draw a symbol on your hand. As you fall asleep, think "When I look at my hands, I will realize I am dreaming." or something similar. If you wake up and realize it didn't work, try again. Eventually you will think in your dream, "My hand!" and Lucid dreaming should begin.
  • Lay in silence and darkness well before you are ready to fall asleep, in this time play out a day dream in your mind and slowly drift off into that.


  • Don't try too hard, or you'll get a major headache!
  • Remember! Dreams are images and thoughts your subconscious is trying to remember.
  • Remember! It is a dream, nothing can physically hurt you in your dreams.
  • Too much concentration can awake you from your dream, try to go with the flow of the dream and change the things you don't like
  • If you try to concentrate as you fall asleep, you may stay awake. The point of the aforementioned activities (writing it down, etc) is that your subconscious mind is the thing you want to be concerned with what you want to dream about.
  • When you are still and silent long enough, you may go into sleep paralasis. This is NORMAL and OK, you go through it every night but you sleep through it. This might happen if you awaken during the night and you stay still long enough, it may cause WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming)and you ought to be able to control your dream then.
  • You will not always be able to control your dreams. It usually takes a couple tries when you start out.

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