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Drinking Games

Have fun with The Webtender's collection of drinking games, but be extremely careful if you play any these games, especially the ones with high buzz factors. The collection was created as an aid to responsible adults who know their limits (and not to cross them) when it comes to drinking, and not to promote this kind of drinking behavior.

You should of course be of legal drinking age if you want to play these games with beer or drinks, but anyone can play these games with non-alcoholic beverages as well.

NameTypeBuzz level
 Ally McBeal Drinking GameTV/MovieHigh
 AssholeCardVery high
 BaseballCoinVery high
 Beat the BarmanEnduranceExtremely high
 Beer 99 #1CardMedium
 Beer 99 #2CardMedium
 Beer BlowCardHigh
 Beer BombSkillHigh
 Beer BungeeStrengthLow-Medium
 Beer ChessBoardExtremely high
 Beer HunterOtherMedium
 Beer PongOtherMedium
 Beer PotSkillVery high
 Beer RaceSpeedVery high
 BeeropolyBoardVery high
 Beers for CheersTV/MovieLow-Medium
 Boat RacesSpeedVery high
 Bouncing BallVocalMedium
 Brain DamageCardHigh-Very high
 Cardinal PuffVocalMedium-High
 Century ClubEnduranceExtremely high
 Chutes and LaddersBoardHigh
 Death RingCardExtremely high
 Drop the DimeSkillMedium-High
 Drug DealerCardLow-Medium
 Eurovision Song Contest Drinking GameTV/MovieHigh
 Flip the cupSkillExtremely high
 Fuzzy Duck #1VocalLow-Medium
 Fuzzy Duck #2VocalLow-Medium
 Give One, Take OneCardUnknown
 Guess the NoteOtherLow
 "Hi, Bob"TV/MovieMedium-High
 High or LowCardHigh
 HockeyCardMedium-Extremely high
 I NeverVocalLow-Medium
 Icetray QuartersCoinHigh
 Indian PokerCardMedium-High
 James BondTV/MovieMedium
 Kings and BloodCardVery high
 Master of the ThumbSkillLow
 MexicaliDiceExtremely high
 Multiple Party GameOtherUnknown
 One Big ChickenVocalHigh
 Pennies In a PitcherCoinHigh
 Red Dwarf Drinking GameTV/MovieExtremely high
 Red Wings Drinking GameSportsVery high
 Red and Black #1CardVery high
 Red and Black #2CardLow-Medium
 Ren and StimpyTV/MovieLow-Medium
 Rudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerTV/MovieMedium
 Russian Beer RouletteLuckUnknown
 S*M*A*S*HTV/MovieVery high
 ShotgunSpeedVery high
 Sink the battleshipSkillMedium-High
 SixesDiceVery high
 SnapCardVery high
 Speed QuartersCoinHigh
 Star Trek: Deep Space 9TV/MovieMedium
 Star Trek: The Next GenerationTV/MovieHigh-Very high
 Star TrekTV/MovieMedium-High
 Star Wars Drinking GameTV/MovieUnknown
 Strange BrewTV/MovieVery high
 Stripes and SolidsOtherVery high
 Super QuartersCoinHigh-Very high
 TV CharactersTV/MovieHigh
 The Jerry Springer Drinking GameTV/MovieExtra high
 The Name GameVocalMedium
 The TowerDiceUnknown
 The Vegetable GameVocalMedium
 The X-Files Drinking GameTV/MovieUnknown
 Thirty OneCardVery high
 Three ManDiceHigh-Very high
 Trivial PursuitBoardLow-Medium
 Twenty-One AcesDiceMedium-High
 Ultimate LoserCardHigh
 Up and Down the RiverCardVery high
 "Waltham Rules" AssholeCardExtremely high
 Whales TalesVocalHigh
 Who ShitVocalLow-Medium
 Whoville X-Mas GameTV/MovieHigh
 Wuss, Douche Bag, FuckerVocalLow

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