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The Foundations For Building Mass

If you think that building muscles is for the faint hearted then think again. You need to have a strong will power to be able to achieve your goal be it getting huge muscles or simply getting a well toned body. Before you get started in determining your goal you need to carefully evaluate your body type in order to determine what will best work for you. This will be crucial in determining the work out routine which will best work for you.

For you to get the type of muscles you desire be it big or otherwise you have to pass through the following different stages.

1. Getting Muscles For A Well Toned And Muscular Body

If you do not desire to get very huge and you are simply looking to improve your physique by developing well toned muscles then you should a different workout routine from the one who is aiming to achieve huge muscles. Your routine should involve lifting light weights with a lot of repetition.
It is a misconception by many people that you can not achieve a well toned body without getting very huge.

If you are muscle building for sculpting, body shaping and toning then you need to vary the amount of weight you are using in the different parts of the body.

Your goal in achieving a well toned body will depend on the weight routine you choose.

2. Getting Huge Muscles

The training routine you use if you want to really bulk up is different from the one you will use if you simply want to have a well toned body. For you to achieve large muscle growth you have to have to cause extreme damage to your muscles for them to respond, grow and become strong muscles.

If you use light weights you can not be able to create such damage to the tissues for them to respond and become very huge in the process. You need to suck it up and be ready to endure a lot of pain because this is the only way you will be able to achieve your goal of bulking up.

For you to create extreme damage to the tissue which will trigger the appropriate response you need to lift hard weights intensely. Don’t just do one set and you are don with the training you need to lift intensely until your body is not able to lift anymore.

3. Nutrition For Muscle Building

This is one of the most important foundations when it comes to body building. There is no need to train hard and yet you are taking an unbalanced diet. This is equivalent to a farmer who is very active when it comes to planting, weeding and adding manure, but when it comes to watering he becomes lazy and in the end he gets poor yield. The moral of the story is, even if you are using the best training routine out there and you are not on a proper diet you are bound to end up with negative results. Observe a nutrition which is rich in high calories especially protein types of food.

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