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Mesobolin - the New Steroid Replacement?

Promising Results Seen In New Steroid Replacement

New Plant-Based Steroid Replacement Is Rapidly Becoming A Viable Replacement For Potentially Dangerous Anabolic Steroids

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (PRWEB) — Initial reports from users of a new steroid replacement compound called Mesobolin™ have reported unprecedented gains in lean muscle mass without the side-effects that are so commonly problematic with more traditional anabolic steroids. Such dramatic results are causing researchers to question whether traditionally prescribed anabolic steroids are still a wise choice for doctors to prescribe given their propensity for potentially damaging side-effects.

For years doctors have prescribed hormone-based anabolic steroids to patients to increase muscle mass, and prevent conditions like muscle-wasting. While these drugs are very effective at increasing lean muscle mass and strength, these results can come at a high price in the form of unwanted side-effects such as gynecomastia (the potentially irreversible growth of breast tissue in men), major disruptions in the endocrine system, acne, the development of male characteristics in women such as facial hair growth, the deepening of the voice, and even in some extreme cases, the development of male sexual organs. But a new development in the science of protein anabolism has researchers very optimistic about the eradication of these potentially damaging drugs.

A new compound called Mesobolin™ with development roots in Russian sports science could be the wave of the future. This plant-based anabolic compound contains several natural anabolic constituents which researchers believe all act synergistically to positively promote protein synthesis and increased nitrogen retention. Most notably, it contains large amounts of 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone of which research has shown to be more effective than some of the more popularly prescribed anabolic steroids like Dianabol but with little or no side-effects.

Users of Mesobolin™ have reported dramatic increases in muscle size and strength; In fact, one user in just over a week’s time reported a very impressive 8lb. increase in bodyweight and experienced a 22% increase in core strength. With gains like these, researchers believe traditional hormone-based anabolic steroids will soon be a thing of the past.

Mesobolin™ is currently available without a prescription, and is in high demand because of a very limited supply in the USA. According to executives at, the company who currently has exclusive distribution rights for Mesobolin™ in the USA, they are currently taking measures to try and increase the supply of this widely popular anabolic.

Mesobolin™ can be ordered directly from or by calling their sales office (800) 535-9858.

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