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How To Get Rid Of Baby Fat Fast!

Q: I'm a 30-something mother of two small children. I weighed 120 pounds all through my twenties, but after having my second child, my weight has climbed to 160. What can I do to return to my old shape?

A: The good news is that if you were 120 before, you can get there again! Here are some steps to get you started!

Take the Time

The first, and hardest step, is taking the time each day to do it. You must make YOURSELF a priority, despite your role as caretaker and wife. Don't look at it as being selfish - consider it an investment in yourself to ensure you'll be the healthiest and most energetic mom around!


Cardio will be your primary weight-loss tool. I would recommend 30 to 40 minutes, five times a week. Adding some resistance exercise - weight training or even bodyweight exercise - would be beneficial as well. If you don't have time to get to the gym, then focus on cardio at home - walking, jogging, etc. If you cannot get to the gym, I would also recommend some push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, and other exercises that do not require machines.


If you have NOT been dieting, then it won't take much to see some results! However - starving is not the way to do it! I would recommend starting by constructing a diet that is relatively SIMPLE. Keep it basic!! It makes it easier to follow. Don't worry so much about counting calories, and focus more on healthy food combinations at least for starters.

---6 or 7 small meals spaced out evenly throughout the day.

---Breakfast is a MUST. Breakfast jump starts the metabolism and gets the body burning calories early in the day. It would be a good idea to do some cardio before breakfast if possible.

---Proteins should be LEAN (chicken breast, turkey, egg whites, fish, occasional lean red meat)

---Carbs should be "good" carbs - NO refined sugar and minimize dairy (skim milk only) - stick with things like oatmeal and sweet potatoes or brown rice for complex carbs. One or two servings of complex carbs per day (maybe three depending on how much activity you're doing), and then veggies can be eaten freely without any concern about quantity. Put the complex carbs early in the day, like breakfast and lunch.

---Stick to low cal sauces and salad dressings...avoid things like BBQ sauce or cream based dressings. Go for things like lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and spices like Mrs. Dash.

---FATS should be "good" fats, and they are essential in the diet. Nuts, avocados, and omega egg yolks are all sources of healthy fats.

Patience & Consistency

These are the most important keys. You can't do it in a week. But you can do it in three to six months. Be patient, be consistent, and you will see the results you seek - that 120 pound body will return!

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