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Get Shredded - Build A Big, Thick Inner Chest!

When I first started training I asked a few of the biggest bodybuilders in my gym how to build a big thick inner chest and was surprised what they told me. They said to build a big inner chest is the most difficult part of the chest to build but this I already knew but what shocked me was what exercises they recommended I perform at the beginning of my chest workout on not all my chest workouts but on every second chest workout. They said if I perform the same exercises for my inner chest every time I workout I will stop growing and therefore suggested I do the regular heavy and well known bench presses and dumbbell presses one week and on the following week I should perform the best exercises to build a big thick inner chest.

The truth is it is difficult to build a big thick inner chest for most people due to the simple fact of genetics. However, even if you don’t have great genetics to build a big inner chest you can still make a significant improvement with your inner chest by choosing to perform some chest exercises at the beginning of your chest workout that you would probably only have done as a shaping movement at the end of the mass building sets like bench presses.

By performing cable crossovers as your first chest exercises not for every chest workout but on every second chest workout you will probably be shocked at just how sore your inner chest feels the next day or for the next 2 days or so. Since you are doing cable crossovers first when your strength level is at its peak you can perform the movement with much heavier weights than you could if you did crossovers as your last chest exercise for the day. The key is to perform the cable crossovers correctly by leaning forward slightly and when pushing the cables forward you need to fully straighten your arms, touch your wrists together and crunch your inner chest as you straighten your arms.

As a personal trainer I tell my bodybuilding clients to really feel each rep during the cable crossovers and always crunch the inner chest with each rep. If you can’t feel your inner chest during cable crossovers as your first movement you are simply not performing the exercise correctly and will have difficulty building a big thick inner chest. Most of my training clients are blown away by how effective doing cable crossovers as the first chest exercise in a chest workout can be and are always very sore the next day. I started doing them myself after learning about it from other bodybuilders to build a big inner chest and as my inner chest began to grow I incorporated it into the workouts of my training clients.

Another effective exercise to build a big thick inner chest is the flat or incline dumbbell fly. The dumbbell flyes should be performed very much like the cable crossovers by pushing the arms forward at the completion of each rep. Touch the dumbbells together, flex and hold the chest in a flexed position for a second or two while the arms are straight to really force the blood into the inner chest. You could do this exercise directly after the cable crossovers or alternate by doing them before cable crossovers when you are training your inner chest first. After doing your heavy cables and incline or flat dumbbell flyes move onto your regular bench press, dumbbell press or chest machine exercises for general mass building.

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