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Hall Of Fame Bodybuilder: Casey Viator

Casey won the Mister America contest in the most spectacular fashion in the history of such contests in addition to the Mister America title, he won the Most muscular Man in America title and the subdivisions for Best Arms, Best Back, Best Chest and Best Legs. And at 19 years old he is the youngest Mister America winner up to this point in time.

Casey trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and Arthur Jones. Casey plans to build a certification school for trainers. This will be a complete training facility that will train trainers in a state-of-the-art facility that is medically supervised. Potential trainers will come from all over the southeast to learn to be fitness instructors.

Told he was too narrow-shouldered – a condition then considered insurmountable – he persevered and packed on prodigious mounds of delt muscle which, coupled with the greatest arms in bodybuilding, enabled him to present front double-biceps shots that worked up a crowd like no other.

Casey stresses the importance of a fitness routine... he helps clients with motivation, nutrition, and technique. He has helped people that are obese, in rehabilitation, or injured. He has worked with professional athletes and movie stars.

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