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Help Japan and Have Fun In The Process (On Your iPhone & iPad)

Sandra Bullock wrote another million dollar check to the American Red Cross, this time to help with earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. On March 18, CNN reported her contribution as the largest celebrity donation received (although anonymous donors may also have made large contributions). This is not the first time Bullock has dropped a million dollars to victims of natural disasters. There’s not a whole lot in it for Bullock—a tax deduction and good publicity (many of us still hold her in high regard after her Katrina donation), and it seems unlikely that this already popular and well-liked actress would offer aid as a method of self-promotion.
The American Red Cross received over $47 million in the United States during the first week after the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. Countless individuals and corporations have stepped up to assist at this awful time.
Giving money doesn’t provide a lot of fun. Oh sure, there’s the great feeling one gets when doing a good deed, but it’s not intellectually stimulating (spiritually—yes, emotionally—maybe, intellectually—no). Just because we don’t get something tangible in return, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be generous.
As a “casual gamer” (a label I don’t quite understand since there’s nothing casual about being addicted), I have developed a fondness for PopCap games—particularly Chuzzle, Bookworm, Plants vs. Zombies, and—especially—Peggle. All of these titles, plus the enormously popular Bejeweled 2 are available to iPhone/iPad users.
In an effort to assist the International Red Cross, PopCap has announced that all proceeds from sales of iPhone and iPad games on March 19 and 20 will be donated. The list of Americans donating to Japan relief is growing rapidly, and it’s nice to see a company one admires join that list. Getting some neat games by joining the list of helpers ain’t too shabby, either.

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