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Facebook Makes It Even Easier To Comment On Posts

In an effort to make users do as little as humanly possible to blast their thoughts, Facebook has removed a crucial aspect of the commenting process: the part where you actually have to press "Comment." Now you've only got to hit the enter key, and POW! You've said, "Happy Birthday, Dude" to a kid you sat next to in a middle school pre-algebra class without wasting a click.

This will make it easy to post a hastily-considered comment, or to post an unfinished comment while trying to add a paragraph break the old, clunky way (by hitting enter. Now you've got to hit shift and enter to do that.) Facebook, the ever-handy ones, have addressed those issues by adding the option to go back and edit comments after they've been posted. Installing breathalyzers to laptop return keys might've also done the trick, but whatever.

Sneaky Facebook commenters who are going to start endlessly tweaking posts, beware: We still don't know if e-mail notifications will go to comment recipients after each edit, which might possibly be the only thing more humiliating than making a grievous typo or writing something stupid to begin with.


Via BuzzFeed