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Characteristics of Good Web Design Practices in 2011

Web design developed fast and the style of 2011 is similar to the one when 2010 ended. Minimalistic webpages are really appreciated nowadays and if you are a webdesigner, you need to focus all the time on what the client wants. But, as many years of web design taught us, clients do not always want what is popular or easy to do.

Best Web Design Practices for the Start of Year 2011

This is why you have to educate your client and explain to him why you should do it your way. As a bottom line, you are the expert and he is the rookie. But as long as you work on his money, you have to convince him first.

Here are some of the very popular practices in web design for this year’s beginning. Take a look at them and try to convince your client that this is the right way to do it. Researches done by experts showed those practices will be with us for a lot of time.
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