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10 Best iPhone Apps for Facebook

Here are the Top 10 best iPhone apps for Facebook users. Facebook users don’t want to be out of contact. Lucky for iPhone users there are plenty of Apps in this list that are sure to be a perfect fit for you. Try one, try them all!

1. Facebook – App updated Dec 19, 2010, Price Free, Seller: Facebook Facebook - Facebook

facebook iphone app review
It only needs one word to describe it. Official. This is the official Facebook app for iPhone. This handy dandy app makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends. This app is the mini version of what you would get if you were on the computer. You can post your status, look up phone numbers, send messages, comment and like. The only thing you can’t do is play the Facebook games. Facebook for the iPhone is free.

2. Flixster – App updated Feb 06, 2011, Price Free, Seller: Jeffrey Grossman Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes - Free - Flixster

flixster iphone app review
This app is full of movies. Find them, watch them, rate them, and then share them on Facebook. You have the option to check new releases, new on DVD, old DVD and write a review of the movie. Give it some stars; let your friends know what you think. You can even find the theater near you with movies and show times. Flixster recently partnered with Rotten Tomatoes to connect you with even more movie lovers. Flixster is another freebie.

3. MyPhone+ (Sync with Facebook )-App updated Nov 16, 2010, Price $2.99, Seller: Ultimake Ltd. MyPhone+ (Sync with Facebook) - Ultimake Ltd

myphone iphone app review
Yes, we understand the iPhone has a contact app which pretty much acts as a phone book. But this app actually does more. MyPhone allows users to merge iPhone contacts with their Facebook friends. Sync your iPhone with your Facebook account.

4. Scramble – App updated 28 January 2011, Price Free, Developed by Zynga Word Scramble Challenge Edition by Zynga - Zynga

scramble iphone app review
Since the Facebook app doesn’t allow us to play the games many of us easily get addicted too we need to find something else to spend time on while on the go. Zynga, the popular Facebook game company has made an iPhone app based on Boggle, free of charge. Link up and play with your Facebook friends.

5. Trapster -App updated 08 October 2010, Price Free, Developed by Tenereillo, Inc. Trapster speed trap alerts (now with Caravan and Patrol) - Trapster.com

trapster iphone app review
Your phone goes everywhere you go, including your car. Turn your iPhone into a speed trap locator and warn all your Facebook friends. Log in with the Facebook integration and let everyone know where those nasty speed traps are hiding. What makes this app even better; it’s free!

6. Scrabble – App updated Dec 15, 2010, Price $2.99, Developed by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V. SCRABBLE - Electronic Arts

scrabble iphone app review
Who doesn’t like Scrabble? It’s only one of Hasbro’s most popular board games. This app costs $2.99, but playing against your Facebook friends and gaining control of the first triple word score is priceless.

7. Zombie Farm -App updated 28 February 2011, Price Free, Developed by The Playforge, LLC Zombie Farm - The Playforge, LLC

zombie farm iphone app review
Farmville is for sissies. Zombies rule the world. In this free app you can log in to the game center with your Facebook account and share your Zombie farm. Plan Zombies, flowers, and garden vegetable. And grave markers to mark your spot. Fight the farmer, win money, loot, or even a brain! The more friends you have join you on Zombie Farm, the more daily log in coins you will get.

8. QuickPing – App updated 19 January 2011, Price $0.99, Developed by Map-Trips.com Quick Ping - Map-Trips.com

quick ping iphone app review
For 99 cents you can update your status to over 40 social networking sites, Facebook included, all at once! Check the iTunes store often, the creator of QuickPing is known to add this to the freebie list to gain more users. There is also a related website, ping.fm.

9. Facebook a Quote – App updated 18 October 2010, Price £0.59, Developed by Hassan Hosam Quotes for Facebook - The #1 Quotes App for iPhone - icoderz

facebook a quote iphone app review
Don’t want to think of a new status? Well you don’t have to with Facebook a Quote. For £0.59 cents you can randomly pick from a list containing 1000s of quotes there for the taking. This is perfect for the days when you have nothing to say but fell the need to just say something.

10. Messenger for Facebook – App updated Feb 23, 2011, Price $0.99, Seller Alexander Buharsky Messenger for Facebook - Alexander Buharsky

messenger for facebook
Want to IM your friends? One of the things lacking in the Official Facebook app is the ability to use the Facebook instant messenger. For 99 cents you can download this app and chit chat the night away.


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