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Jennifer Lopez Explains her 'American Idol' Breakdown

Jennifer Lopez said telling contestant Chris Medina that he wouldn't be advancing on "American Idol" was "just tough."
Chris, 26, auditioned in Milwaukee and explained to the judges that he got engaged about two years ago to his girlfriend of six years Juliana, but then tragically, two months before they were to wed, Juliana got in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury.
On Wednesday's "Idol," judge Lopez broke down into tears after breaking the news to Chris that he wasn't in the Top 24. "I just couldn't believe that I had to deliver this news [to someone] I felt had been through a lot and is going through a lot," Lopez told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. "I felt like I really didn't do it well enough for him."
Lopez added, "He handled it with such dignity and so much class and that made it worse for me." The judge said she's usually in control of her emotions but at that moment "it was really how I felt."


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