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15 Bizarre Birthday Party Photobombs

Check out these 15 Bizarre Birthday Party Photobombs and have a laugh at the expense of others, courtesy of ThisIsPhotobomb.com.

1. These Candles aren’t the Only Blowout

You do not have to know much about babies to know what the little lady in the center of this picture is doing. What better way to celebrate your sister’s birthday party than to blast off right there in your diaper? We presume the baby is providing another kind of bomb to go with the photobomb seen here.

2. Petting Zoo Birthday Party-Not a Good Idea

We’re sure this kid’s parents had the best of intentions when they decided to take him to the petting zoo for his birthday, but the best laid plans don’t always work out the way they’re supposed to.

3. Chucky in the Backseat!

This young man doesn’t seem to be very enthused about being driven to his birthday party. We’re pretty certain we’ve seen that face in a few scary movies. Hopefully, Mom was able to procure the right presents in time to save the day from being a complete disaster. Let’s just hope she gets him there on time.

4. Who Invited Mr. Grumpy Pants?

Most of the participants in this photo appear to be enjoying themselves, save for one. See if you can pick out who the party pooper is. Yep, that’s right, it’s the old guy at the end of the table who looks like he’d MUCH rather be someone else than smack dab in the middle of this picture.

5. Beware Little Green Men!

Nothing says “Birthday Party” like superhero costumes and a little green man in a sombrero. We’re not sure what the theme for this one was, but we’re pretty sure who’s going to be swinging at the piƱata after the cake is served. Of course, that’s only if the alien in the background doesn’t beam it up first.

6. Cheesing for the Camera

A good smile always seems to brighten the camera lens as it does at this party. But apparently the young lady to the left would disagree. Either that or she got a hold of some nasty punch. You decide!

7. Girls…Gross!!

We’re taking it that this little get together is a tad outside the young man on the right’s age range. Let’s just say that if you want to get him excited about a birthday party, you don’t lead with, “There’s going to be a lot of girls there!” Oh well, maybe one day! Until then, he can save a little money.

8. Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water…

Stephen Spielberg could have very easily based his Great White movie on this photo and not on Peter Benchley’s novel if the timing had been right. The poor little girl in the foreground is about to have her birthday pool party ruined by whatever happens next. Fortunately, we don’t have that photo…and that’s probably for the best.

9. The Uninvited Party Guest.

These penguins left one guest off their invitation list, but it didn’t seem to stop him from showing up anyway. At every birthday party, there is someone there to ruin all the pictures, and it looks like the rules are no different in the animal kingdom.

10. This Guy Lost His Head!

The young partygoer below must have been very confused when a guest with the body of grandpa and the head of a balloon showed up to help him celebrate the festivities. Luckily, he doesn’t appear bothered by the facelift head lift. Apparently he knows, even at a young age, that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

11. Who Invited the Devil Dog?

If the birthday girl were to turn around at this very instant, she wouldn’t be smiling, for there appears to be a Hound of Hell peeking out from the background. Not for sure what a Devil Dog’s disposition is like, but judging from the gleam in those eyes, our money isn’t on “cute and cuddly.”

12. Introducing the People’s Eyebrow!

When you get a large group of kids together for birthday fun, you’re going to capture some pretty funny moments. Not only is there the unbridled enthusiasm of the subject, but there is also the mini-Jack Nicholson in the background-an award-winner every time!

13. So, you Want a Pony for your Birthday…

This little horsey was more than happy to take his first photo for the birthday girl. He even managed a big cheesy smile befitting a professional picture taker. We just hope that giant yapper closed shop before she turned around to get a face full of equine breath. Something tells us Mr. Ed there isn’t much for dental hygiene.

14. Usually It’s the Baby Messing Up the Picture

Thankfully, the birthday boy in the foreground is looking in the right direction and not into the half moon in front of him. In a rare case of baby sobriety, this little guy appears to know just where to look to bring out the cute in a photo. Too bad he got photo-bombed anyway.

15. Jack Black Meets Milli Vanilli!

This picture is typical birthday party celebration save for one disturbing, almost terrifying detail, and that would be the Jack Black/Milli Vanilli hybrid smiling deviously in the background. We’re not sure who invited this guy, but from the look on that face, we’re thinking he just showed up unannounced.


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