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Wesley Snipes Developing Game From Jail

Not playing Snipes' game should be a crime.

If there was one headline I did not expect to be writing today, that would probably be it.

It appears the currently incarcerated Mr. Snipes, best known for his work on such films as Blade and the American classic, Blade II, has joined forces with Lapland Studio to help develop a puzzle-espionage title for the iPhone and iPad. I'll give you a moment to ponder all of that.

According to IGN, the game draws much inspiration from Snipes' films Art of War andPassenger 57, both greatly inferior to any of the Blade films, especially Blade II. Titled Julius Styles: The International, the game will apparently be a mixture of puzzle solving and ass-kickery. I kid you not.

While Snipes was jailed last year following a tax evasion conviction, he is not due for release until sometime in 2013. That's a bummer, since a spokesman for Lapland Studio has stated the project can move forward for "six to eight months" without much involvement from Snipes.

After that, it looks like the team is in for some good old fashioned prison visits to pick the Daywalker's brain for, we're guessing, background and story inspiration. Based on the few details released so far, we're pretty sure a game that mixes puzzles and punching people should be enough to have all of Snipes' crimes forgiven.

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