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Super Mario 64 Completed in 5 Minutes [Video]

We’ve seen some fantastic speedruns in video form recently. The under 10-minute Portal run was impressive, but the 100% completion 52-minute Quake speedrun sits at the top of the pile for me.
This latest speedrun is a little different. It demonstrates Super Mario 64 being completed in 5 minutes and 5 seconds, but no stars are collected and a number of game breaking glitches are used that see Mario slide though scenery and enter pipes in a couple of seconds.
The actual glitches in use include:
  • 0-Input BLJ
  • Pause BLJ
  • Forward Jump Kick Trick
  • Slide Kicking
  • Punch Trick
  • Forward Speed Conversion
  • Instant Jump Kick Trick
Detailed explanations of what all those techniques do is given on the TASVideos page linked to below. You get the best idea of how they work by watching the video above, though.
Unlike the Portal and Quake speedruns I don’t think this one is as impressive. It’s not really playing the game, it’s just using the glitches to bypass a lot of gameplay. The Quake speedrun on the other hand is pure skill.
Read more at TASVideos, via GameSetWatch

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