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Street Fighter 4 Plus Kinect = Win! [Video]

The beauty of games like Dance Central is that your movements are reflected accurately in the game. When you pump your fist to do "the torch" in real life your character does the same. It's this concept that makes the latest Kinect hack so cool. Hacker demize2010 is at it again and this time he's playing Street Fighter 4

He used a combination of the FAAST technology developed by people at USC and GlovePIE for scripting special moves. When he punches to the left Ken punches, he can even use both arms to make a Hadouken. If you happen to be a martial arts expert who loves to play Street Fighter you're going to love this, however if you're in similar physical shape as I am you're going to pull a muscle just from watching. 

In all seriousness something like this could be added to a future Street Fighter game. Would you want to play a Kinect Street Fightergame?

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