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Pig Born Without Back Legs: A Balancing Act Like No Other

Don’t try to convince Zhu jianqiang, a very smart pig whose name translates from the Chinese to mean “strong-willed, that the center of gravity makes balancing and walking on just front legs an impossible task.

She defies convention every day of her life.
The female piglet was born into a litter of nine strong siblings and neighbors and friends encouraged her owner, Wang Xihai, to put her down. But Wang is a farmer with a heart who was touched by the animal’s indomitable will to survive. He gave her that chance and she grabbed it in the unique way that piglets do, beating all odds of survival.
This little pig did not go to market as that old fairy tale goes. Instead, she became a local celebrity, and tourists come from all over to watch her as she goes about her amazing daily ritual of life.
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Wang taught her to walk on her front hooves and she learned in just a few days. After about a month, she began walking on her own, balancing her weight on her front legs as she moves about. Today, despite a body weight of 50 kg (110 pounds), the piglet walks upside down quite effortlessly.
At mealtime, the pig steadies herself in front of the food pan and stands on her head balancing her body in such a way so that her mouth can reach into the pan.
Despite many offers, Wang loves his piglet and refuses to sell her.
“I won’t sell her no matter what the offer is,” said Wang proudly.
Love and courage and kindness apparently come in all shapes and sizes.

Kudos to you, Wang! And you too, Zhu!

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