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35 Reasons You Might Be Addicted To Social Media

You Might Be Addicted to Social Media if...
  1. Count the number of friends you have by your facebook friend count.
  2. You have more facebook friends than in real life.
  3. You read DIGG homepage instead of a newspaper.
  4. You tweet more than you talk.
  5. When you hear a joke you say "lol" instead of simply laughing.
  6. You own the Google Search results for your name.
  7. You can type eighty words a minute but talk thirty.
  8. Refer to yourself as your blog name. Yeah i'm a .eduGuru!
  9. You update your status to tell people what your having for dinner, we really don't care.
  10. You click on this link... come on you know you want to!
  11. After clicking on the above link you actually laughed or realized what just happened.
  12. You own an iPhone.
  13. You use your iPhone to check your RSS feeds while on the toilet.
  14. You have more than 100 RSS feeds in your feed reader of choice.
  15. Your feed reader of choice is Google Reader because it's the fastest.
  16. You have a friendfeed account to help you keep up.
  17. Because Chuck Norris said so.
  18. You would rather search for funny YouTube videos instead of watch America's funniest home video reruns.
  19. You have an account on digg, del.icio.us, twitter, stumbleupon, youtube, flickr, sphinn, mixx, and last.fm.
  20. You actually know what all of the above sites are.
  21. You don't use AOL Instant Messanger because it's so 90's.
  22. You have a special avatar for when you sign up for a social site.
  23. You check your blogs feedburner readers count daily.
  24. You declare it a good day when your feedburner read count sets a new high.
  25. If something on this post pissed you off because it's true.
  26. You don't just read twitter but when you login you have to scroll through the last thirty pages to find out what you missed.
  27. After scanning through those thirty pages you are upset that you missed responding live to a tweet from two hours ago.
  28. You know who Chris Brogan is.
  29. After reading an article or book you can't wait to write a blog post to share with your friends, because simply going to dinner and talking about it isn't enough.
  30. If you rank in the top 25% of users on Twitter Grader.
  31. You submit this post to a social media site... you Digg it... get it.
  32. You still have an account on Technorati.
  33. You don't drop business cards you drop links to your LinkedIn profile.
  34. Email is so old school... just DM me in twitter.
  35. You love Flickr to post photography but sometimes it's not fast enough so you Twitpic it.
  36. After writing the last 35 you realize you have a problem and need help...  Goodbye...

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