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Scheduling Your Training, Dieting and Supplementation

Great athletes are often born, not built. Usain Bolt was without a doubt, the fastest 3rd grader, 8th grader, and 10th grader at his school. Of course there were people in his class who probably trained harder and ran the track more often. They might have even had cleaner diets, and wanted it more than Bolt did. However, thanks to genetics and circumstances, Bolt reached the apex of his sport, winning multiple gold medals and shattering world records, while we’ll never hear of those schoolmates who outworked him a decade ago. In track, as with most sports, the tools you are both with will dictate your success.

Bodybuilding is different in that you really do wear your work. There will always be genetic freaks such as Ronnie Coleman who will dwarf most lifetime trainers without even training. But for the vast majority of us, bodybuilding really is a sport where hard work allows you to trump those with superior genetics who don’t show the same level of discipline. Here are some keys to time management, which can help you to reach your goals in only 140 minutes per day.

Cooking - 35 Minutes Per Day

Food preparation time is something you would be doing anyway. If you cook all your food for the day at one time, you will find you’ll probably spend less time than you would by preparing 3 or 4 ‘normal’ meals. Cook one meat and two carbohydrate sources all at once. It’ll take 30 minutes to cook and place it in Tupperware, and 5 minutes for cleanup. Coupled with a few whey protein shakes, these pre-packaged meals will be available at your fingertips for the remainder of the day or night.

Supplementation – 15 Minutes Per Day

This should be divided into three five-minute sessions each day. In the morning, consume your vitamins and creatine. At night, enjoy the other half of your vitamins (usually antioxidants such as vitamins C and E) along with some glutamine. In the middle of the day or whenever you schedule your workouts, consume your pre- and/or post-workout supplements. Some good supps to dose; 1 hour before your workout take TridenosenH™ to aid in your muscle recovery and to boost your workout strength & endurance, Mesobolin™ to insure that your workout yields the most possible muscle mass, and Nitrox-ATP™ to boost your physical and mental energy.

Training – 90 Minutes Per Day

This should be uninterrupted training time in which interruptions are kept to a minimum. It is okay to keep your cell phone by your side, but you should only use it when absolutely necessary. Remember, you have the other 22.5 hours of the day to speak on the phone. Focus on your workout while you’re in the gym.

This plan only requires you to dedicate 2 hours and 20 minutes per day to your bodybuilding goals. That’s less than ten percent of total day. However, you will get to wear the fruits of your labors for all of the other 24 hours of the day.

Of course, anabolic steroids erase a lot of mistakes and allow a bodybuilder with lackluster training habits and a poor diet to still win shows and develop an outstanding physique. However, in the realm of natural bodybuilding, where all other factors are constant, it is the bodybuilders who are the most consistent with eating, supplementing, and training that will outlast and outgrow all of the others. Plan your meal preparation, supplement consumption, and uninterrupted training times, and you will see success!

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