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Simple Workout Tips To Help Burn Fat

If you are looking to losing weight then this article will help you achieve your goal. Forget all about the fad diets because they don’t work. I for one tried using fad diets to lose weight, back then I was only twenty one years and weighing 100 pounds. After two months of going on theses fad diets I was able to gain 20 pounds, after which I became a real critic of these kinds of diets. After doing some research I was finally able to understand why these diets never work.

What these fad diets propose is that you significantly reduce your calorie intake. However when this happens your body will naturally adopt to the significant decrease in the amounts of calories by going into starvation mode and this is when all the trouble starts to set in. when the body is in starvation mode it will start to preserve the amount of body energy. The only way it can do this is to start burning up muscles and conserving body fat. This has an adverse effect in your body fat-muscle ratio. You will experience an increase in body fat since the body is not burning it and at the same time your lean body muscles will deplete. Depletion of the lean body muscles also has an effect on your metabolism; it leads to a decrease in body metabolism. Your body metabolism is controlled by the amount of lean muscles present in your body, and therefore the more lean muscles you have the higher your metabolism and vice versa. If you clearly recall your biology metabolism leads to the burning of calories. Therefore since your metabolism is very low this means that you will not be able to burn off a lot of calories which will end up being stored as fat in your body.

And that is why conventional diets never work and only lead to worsening the situation even further.

If you truly want to lose weight then I propose the following simple steps which did wonders for me;

1. Aerobics

You need to include cardio vascular exercises in your training regimen because they are very effective when it comes to burning calories. You should perform them for about four to five times in a week. Each aerobic session needs to be intense and therefore should last for about 30-45 minutes. The best type of aerobics include; jogging, cycling, skipping ropes, mountain climbing, swimming, treadmill, stair climbing exercises, aerobic classes and walking.

2. Weight Train

Weight training has several benefits including increasing your strength and body muscles. Your lean body muscles influence the body metabolism. In fact when it comes to losing fat, weight training is usually more effective than aerobics. This might surprise many people but in reality weight training can help you lose body fat even when you are asleep but aerobics can not.

Weight training will help you lose fat permanently due to the increase in lean body muscles. Muscles are active tissues and as such the body needs a lot of energy to be sustaining them. This will therefore lead to more calories being used up leading to a decrease in body fat.

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