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Why Do Athletes Use Steroid To Boost Their Performance?

It is a common fact that a lot of athletes use steroids to improve there performance. Evidence suggests that a person is capable of achieving defined muscle growth by the use of chemical substance such as steroids even if they are administered in ultra high dosage. There have been a variety of researches which have been conducted on animals in order to determine if ultra high dosages are capable of creating more muscle growth, and according to the results more muscle growth can only be gotten through administration of normal dosage.

However there is in existence proven evidence which showed that the only way a person can achieve true muscle growth is when he incorporates steroid taking with serious weight lifting. By serious weight lifting I am not suggesting that you hit the gym for the fun of it, when you go to the gym you are supposed to do some serious intense training. You need to practice techniques such as resistance training to achieve the best results. \par

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