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How Can Anabolic Steroid Use Affect Your Prostate

For most men, this isn’t a huge problem. Ignore the organ until you reach the age of 40. Then, have a doctor give you an exam once a year. Granted, it isn’t an altogether pleasant experience. However, it’s quite necessary, as a full third of men will deal with prostate issues. If cancer develops, have the organ removed and deal with the ramifications. It’s a reality of life.

For the bodybuilder using anabolic steroids, the issue changes, and in a major way. The use of testosterone supplementation, or hormone replacement therapy, has a side effect of prostate growth. That’s right. If you’re between the age of 20 and 40, your prostate shouldn’t be growing. But if you’re using testosterone, it will. Among the side effects of steroid use listed by many sources include prostate cancer as well. But is this accurate?

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