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Understanding The Bloodwork Of A Bodybuilder

One of the biggest lies told by elite bodybuilders (who are experimenting with dangerous levels of chemicals) is just how good their blood work is. For starters, many of them lie about having any blood work done at all. To have a blood panel done, one must make a doctors appointment, admit to the doctor that you do consume potentially illegal substances, and face ones own mortality should the news come back grim. However, as we get older, and as we inject foreign and very often unknown substances into our bodies, we should be mature enough to bit the bullet and get blood work done. Here are a few blood work values, and what they mean for the bodybuilder.

HDL/LDL and Total Cholesterol

These scan for heart disease. As a bodybuilder, you likely carry around a high bodyweight, and you likely consume a fair deal of cholesterol via eggs or red meat. Watch these levels, as half of Americans do die from heart failure, and bodybuilders are a high-risk group.


Anabolic steroids cause high Homocysteine levels. This amino won't always be monitored in a blood screen, but as a bodybuilder, you should follow it. Homocysteine levels in the high range can mean you are in a high-risk group for heart disease. Taking your B vitamins daily reduces these levels.

Hemoglobin Profile

These are standard blood analysis tests and are used to discover serious diseases.

White Blood Cell Total

These are known as leukocytes, and their levels are indicative of cancers, stress, and other taxation of the immune system.

Red Blood Cell Count

If you use steroids and you have high red blood cell values, you are at risk for a heart attack.


Hemoglobin delivers oxygen and carbon dioxide to the body. Use of anabolic or androgenic agents can cause an increase in this count, which can reveal higher instances of kidney disease, cancer, or anemia.


Platelets help your body to form blood clots and stop bleeding. High platelet levels mean you should consult a specialist immediately and see what the minor problem could be. Low platelet levels are more serious, and can be indicative of diseases such as anemia or leukemia.


Bodybuilders will often manipulate sodium levels before shows, and many will use this practice off-season as well. The use of diuretics is also one of the key reasons that many bodybuilders suffer from kidney failure. And one cannot forget the supplements we take on a daily basis, which must be filtered by the kidneys.

Standard blood tests study many other factors. This is just a starting ground. If you use anabolic steroids, you should have your blood work checked immediately, then yearly, to ensure you are keeping yourself healthy.

Source: BodybuildingToday.com


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