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Testosterone And Memory Loss

Testosterone is often billed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s the modern day fountain of youth. Giving men the ability to feel like 20-year old gods, despite the calendar stating they may be triple that age. The benefits of testosterone are many. The user gains strength and muscle mass. Body fat levels drop, and sexual thirst rises. The user feels energetic, strong, happy, positive, and above all, young. Testosterone is perfect, right? Maybe not.

There are some expected side effects of testosterone use. The prostate experiences some growth, which can be dangerous for men over 40 whose prostates are already undergoing the second stage of growth that occurs at that age. Male pattern baldness may accelerate, and acne may occur, even in older men. Estrogen levels may rise as well, leading to the onset of Gynecomastia in many men. Finally, the bodies own natural endocrine system stops producing testosterone from the testes, which, in young men especially, can disrupt the body’s testosterone production levels and quality for the remainder of life. These side effects are relatively small, and are to be expected.

Aside from the normal effects of testosterone supplementation, there is one recently discovered side effect which may affect the decision many people make, as to whether or not testosterone supplementation is right for themselves: Memory loss.

When a person takes testosterone, the body behaves in a remarkably efficient manner. Muscles grow, fat disappears. The body is an incredible machine during that initial dose period. The problem arises several days after testosterone has been administered. This initial jump in body performance quality also includes mental acuity. The bran functions very well when testosterone is injected. However, when the T-levels drop, several days after the shot, this mental edge disappears. In fact, there is growing clinical evidence that the person becomes a bit less mentally strong during this period. Memory loss, lack of focus, and other symptoms can occur as the body attempts to recover from its suddenly lowered testosterone levels from a few days earlier.

Keep in mind that everything in life – including steroid use – consists of ebbs and flows, highs and lows. Testosterone supplementation is no exception. Enjoy the mental highs, and expect and prepare for the mental and memory lapses, which may follow administration. Remember that just as the body will physically suffer when testosterone administration is halted, the brain will function with less efficiency when testosterone levels are dropped, even briefly.

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