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Increasing Your Testosterone Efficiency

When a bodybuilder uses a steroid cycle, he feels like Superman. His strength and muscle mass skyrocket, and his sex drive goes through the roof. He is aggressive and powerful. Once the cycle ends, however, it is quite another story. Whether it be from normal scheduled stops, or because the athlete simply runs out of drugs, there comes a time when testosterone supplementation has to stop. Very often, the endocrine system is damaged, and has halted production of testosterone by the testes due to the presence of artificial testosterone in the system for so long.

When this happens, the bodybuilder has three options. First, he can get right back on the “sauce” and start a new cycle. This is dangerous, as it only perpetuates the problem of endocrine shutdown. Also, it doesn’t give organs like the liver, kidneys, and prostate a chance to recover from the damage occurred while on cycle.

The second option is to just lie back and suffer through the crash. Bodybuilder can lose 5 to 25 pounds of muscle when stopping a cycle cold turkey, and the effects upon the body, psyche, and life can be devastating. The endocrine system usually begins creating testosterone again, but it can be months or years before it has recovered fully. This can put your life, training, or family planning on hold.

The third option to halting the stop-testosterone crash is to employ a compound to help the body regain testosterone production and combat the negative effects of an estrogen spike, which also accommodate stopping testosterone supplementation. Compounds such as Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) help the body to halt estrogen production. This in turn protects existing testosterone in the body (however low the levels) from being aromatized into estrogen.

Clomid is also used as a fertility drug in women. The same function that occurs in men occurs in women, only reversed. Instead of inspiring the hypothalamus to continue or restart production of testosterone, it encourages the estradiol levels to rise to encourage higher rates of fertility.

Clomid is becoming more and more popular among athletes, scientists, and doctors alike. Unlike any of the back door drugs in bodybuilding such as DNP and insuling, studies have been conducted on athletes to determine the efficacy of Clomid in boosting or restoring testosterone production in men. If you need a boost, check the web or with your doctor. Clomid might provide the boost you’re seeking to keep testosterone levels high following a cycle.


Via BuzzFeed