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Does Roid Rage Actually Exist? An Analysis.

When an untrained person thinks of bodybuilders, they typically think of two things: Arnold, and “roid rage”. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a world-famous bodybuilder, actor, and politician, and the association with bodybuilding is a positive thing. However, the generic term “roid rage”, or the increased anger and aggressiveness, which supposedly accompanies steroid use, is typically the second thing that comes to mind.

Is Roid Rage real? Or is it just another example of overblown negative media coverage and anti-drug fairy tales designed to scare potential steroid users? The phenomenon cannot be completely blamed on outside parties. Many bodybuilders who have been charged with crimes have tried to blame their behavior on compounds they were injecting, not decisions they made. Their lawyers and experts argue for hours that artificial hormones are the cause of their violent behavior, and that they were powerless to stop their actions. The media enjoys such a story, as it elicits both positive and negative responses from viewers, so they run with it.

Studies show that in 2-4% of steroid users, there is a high potential for psychotic behavior. This can include simple angry outbursts, but can also lead to erratic and sudden violent behavior. Is this reliable? First, let’s look at the type of people most likely to take steroids. They are very aggressive, driven people who are often willing to put their own desire for muscle mass and strength above their desire to obey the law. They’re also the type of people with the motivation and energy to spend 1-2 hours per day in the gym. That means that 2-4% of all aggressive, driven, energetic bodybuilders who don’t respect the law have a potential for violence. When you look at the case like that, you realize how small an influence actually has upon people. If only 1 or 2 in 50 “aggressive, driven, law-breaking people” people have the “potential” for violent behavior, the odds are very strong that the vast majority of people aren’t going to exhibit any symptoms of "roid rage".

If a person is aggressive, artificially high levels of testosterone are going to make him more aggressive. If others characterize a person as a jerk, chances are he will appear to simply be a bigger jerk when on steroids. Steroids increase performance, motivation, drive, and many other factors. As long as the energy and other factors it delivers are used in a positive manner – towards muscle growth and strength gains – I’d say you keep on Ragin’.

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