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10 Bodybuilding Tips To Improve Muscle Gains

Bodybuilding tips are so plentiful that you could fill a number of thick manuals discussing all of them.

However, the bodybuilding tips I am providing you on this page are some of the more basic, but important tips that seem to get left out of most bodybuilding magazines - both in print and online.

I am also going to provide you with other resources that provide you with even more tips on bodybuilding and take the tips a step further. Read on about 10 Bodybuilding Tips To Improve Muscle Gains.

# 1: This is probably the most basic of all body building tips but it's one that a lot of body building enthusiasts don't seem to "get". Wear the proper clothing. Your clothing in the gym must allow you to move freely and safely.

But the biggest problem is the fact that so many male body builders do not cover up. Why should everyone else in the gym have to smell your armpits during their workout? Do not wear a muscle shirt of any type. At the very least wear a T-shirt.

# 2: You must drink water regularly - before, during and after each exercise session. This is also true for any day of the week. It's a good habit to get into.

# 3: Make sure you use proper lifting techniques on every rep of every exercise. Using incorrect techniques or lifting form can at the very least prevent you from making any positive progress, but you can also pull or tear muscles, damage tendons and ligaments, break bones and worse.

Your arms, legs etc. are only meant to move in certain ways and directions so watch what you're doing.

# 4: Warm up properly before starting to lift weights. The first thing you should do is to warm up using a stationary bike or a treadmill for 5 - 10 minutes.

Do not make the mistake of doing too much cardio at this time. 5 - 10 minutes is all that's needed to get the blood flowing.

After you have finished your cardio warm up then you need to warm up with weights. The way to do this is to take about 40% of the weight you will be using on your first exercise for your first muscle group and perform a couple of sets of 10 - 12 reps.

You will only need to warm up each muscle group once.

# 5: Don't load the bar up with too much weight in an effort to look stronger than you really are. Using too much weight will obviously put you at risk for an injury. Leave your ego at home and use the weight that will allow you to work in the rep range you are supposed to while using good form.

#6: Use negatives. Without getting into boring scientific details, the lowering, or eccentric part of an exercise is vital to your progress.

If you're dropping the weight like a stone you're wasting your time in the gym. No matter the exercise in your body building program, try to lower the weight at a two to four second count, at least the majority of the time.

Negative reps are one of the most effective weight lifting techniques to stimulate muscle growth.

If you'd like to check out the rest of the body building tips on this page, continue reading. However, if you want to research other aspects of body building or additional body building tips that we have not included here, just click on the links located throughout this page.

Now to continue with important body building tips.

# 7: Focus and concentrate on what you're doing. If you're distracted or preoccupied when exercising you will get hurt. Proper focus will also enable you to lift more weight and use good form, all of which results in better muscle growth and fat loss.

# 8: Do not go to the gym without a plan. Don't wander randomly from exercise to exercise in the gym.

I know people who train legs three times a week and leave shoulders out of their body building program entirely, simply because they don't have a plan of attack. Know what you're going to do before you exercise. Keep a training log and write down your sets, reps, and the weight you used. Don't wander around or socialize. These are critical body building tips.

You're in the gym to get fit and healthy, so get to work as soon as you get there. Always use a watch to keep track of your time between sets, don't guess.

# 9: Your diet is an extremely important part of your body building success. You must adjust your diet according to your results. You will not have any body building success without a good diet.

# 10: Proper supplementation must be included with your body building program. However, this doesn't mean you should start buying every supplement out there.

There are literally thousands of different supplements on the market today, some work, a lot don't. With all the nutritional supplements out there, it's sometimes tough to figure out what to use when.

Remember body building tips like this: if you need to increase your testosterone use a product that will do just that. If you need to improve your health, use a supplement that is designed for that, and so on. It's counterproductive to just grab a handful of whatever supplements you happen to see and use them not taking into account your body building goals.

No supplements will do the job for you. Supplements can be added into your bodybuilding program to assist you. Some of them can give you a slight edge and you can make better gains by using them, but they will only work if you stick to your program.

Most body builders in general don't ingest enough essential fatty acids through their diet to support certain vital body functions and do not necessarily take enough to enjoy the benefits of fat loss.

Adding extra amounts of supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids into your body building diet may help your body to regulate its natural functions. Anyone can use supplements to help support to their physique development goals.

The trick is to figure out which one's work, which ones don't and which ones will suit your particular needs.

Important body building tips! Remember, it's important to note that no supplement is the magic answer to your bodybuilding or fitness goals. In order to see the benefits of supplements, you have to first ensure that you are participating in an effective exercise program and are maintaining a proper diet.

When you are, supplements can help you get better gains, faster and easier, but only if you use them properly.

Some exceptional health supplements that are not normally considered body builder supplements like the ones found by clicking here, may provide nutrients that are normally lacking in your bodies cells or are not available in the proper amounts through your diet.

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