Staffer Eats Cockroach For Mesobolin!!! | The Portal Staffer Eats Cockroach For Mesobolin!!!

Apparently one of their determined staff members decided he wasn't going to back down on a dare to eat a half-alive, still twitching cockroach. He stepped up, in the most disgusting way possible.

Why'd he do it? For a free bottle of that insanely effective Russian compound, Mesobolin. You know it, Dr. Dan's favorite mid-day snack (he pops them like cashews). If anything, this is testimony to the power of Mesobolin that one of the guys thought it was a good enough deal to chew and ingest the ever-so-crunchy body of a living cockroach.

You don't have to eat a cockroach to get your hands on some Mesobolin, check it out... Mesobolin!


Via BuzzFeed